Alphabet learning practice for 2 years

Identifying alphabet is fun game u can play anywhere . The alphates we can come across in snack wrap, sign boards, even in their dresses . So teaching them letters is the beginning for many fun timepass.

For a 2 year old it is not possible to teach entire alphabet set. So beginning with the letters of their name is good start. They will be interested to identify the letters of the word which they have been hearing from birth and very familiar with.

Here is one way to teach their name letters. 

Get craft wood and cut them into cube . Write each letter on one cube . Juggle it and ask the child to arrange it . Slowly repeat the letter again n again until they are able to match it with ease . 

Within one session of this arranging activity my son was able to identify these 5 letters anywhere. 

So cut as many cube , write as many letters, show them their favorite words and the fun time begins!! 


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