Writing practice for toddlers

Kids love to imitate what their favorite person is doing.  May be because of that my toddler son loves writing.  He got his grip of holding pen at very early age . Incase yours is a baby now start writing whenever he is watching. He will soon grab your pen n go for it the way you do .

If your child has crossed 2 may be this is fun way to introduce writing practice. All it needs is a tray and salt . 

Hours of fun begins !!

Just got this idea from teachpreschool. Check it out for detailed description . 


Diy pattern blocks tutorial

Pattern blocks are interesting thing to play with. Pattern blocks consists of shapes such as hexagon, trapezoid, rhombus, triangle, square and diamond. These block shapes are used to fill up a template which leads to many creativity.

Pattern templates can be made in many possible ways based on the age of kid. Template can be as complicate as animal to as simple as reactangle. In case of rectangle it can be made with traingles or squares or hexagons or combination of several shapes. Similarly each template is filled with any shapes thats mentioned.


In the picture above, Rectangle is constructed with one hexagon and 4 triangles.

 Another sample template took from google

Each shape can be of different colours for versatility. Generally the shapes are made up of wood or craft foam sheets.

Here I will explain how to make shapes out of craft foam sheet . 

Things required:

  • Craft foam sheet A4 size of thickness 5mm. 
  • Ruler, craft knife, scissors and pen/pencil

Steps for cutting :

    • Draw a hexagon of side length 5cm on a paper preferably graph sheet for easy drawing. Cut it out.
    • Trace the shape on foam sheet.
    •  Using sharp knife cut out the shape from foam sheet. 
    • After cutting hexagon on a A4 size foam sheet there will be free space left which is not sufficient for hexagon but other shapes lik trapezoid and rhombus can be cut. 

    Important point to be noted is that the side length must be same for all the shapes. 

    Similarly cut other shapes.

    Toddlers can match shapes with board marked with outlines, sort by shapes or colour.

    Preschoolers can use simple tempates like using squares to make rectangle, trapezoid to make hexagon, triangle to make square, etc etc. The pattern is endless . Get creative to keep them hooked to the activity.

    Soon will update collective templates for kids of different age group. For now enjoy making these shapes at home . Handmades are always special and this will be worth the effort. 

    Ps: For those stayin in Saudi , these foam sheets are available in all 2riyal shops here. I got these in zeenat ahlam store near Redtag and Farm superstores.